Build-Your-Own Necklaces


Build-Your-Own Necklaces

by Team Ready-Made

Ahh, Build-Your-Own necklaces. So many choices – there are the pendants, of course, but also the chains. Thick, thin, short, long, in-between. Every curated necklace offers something unique, whether you prefer simple and understated pieces or bold and attention-grabbing designs, there are many ways to put together a necklace to match a personal aesthetic and/or wardrobe needs. Our chain and pendant suite – 29 pendant designs and 29 different chains styles with lengths ranging from 14" to 24"— forms one of our most versatile offerings at Ready-Made. Below, we put together some of the common necklace builds we see (and love).

1. The Dainty Chain + Everyday-Sized Pendant

A one-fits-all kind of necklace, where a smaller sized pendant like the Mini Liquid Circle Pendant (more classic) or one of the Charm Pendants like our Logo Star pictured (more quirky) is paired with a delicate chain like the Cable Link Chain or Super Tiny Wave Chain

2. The "Look-At-Me" Everyday Necklace

Same everyday wearability, but a little more attention-grabbing. In these types of combos, classic comfort chains are still a go-to but you might elect a slight modification in size -- pictured here is the 2mm Cable Link Chain, just a a tad bigger but that much more eye catching. Pendants also stay classic, but we'll see gemstones making an appearance like the Liquid Rectangle Dot Pendant and its solo diamante sparkler here. 

3. Tell A Story

We love these ultra personalized builds. Horoscope Pendants are the leader and stories seem to center around star signs. Add a #HumanThings Alphabet and any of our logo-esque Charm Pendants to put together a story about a wearer or a gift-receiver. We notice that chains are another layer of fun here. People opt for bolder, more unique chains such as the 2mm Ball Chain and Square Rolo Chain. We also see necklace layers too: build out a longer chain with multiple pendants and then a shorter, chunkier chain with one small pendant. 

4. The Sun Catcher

Statement making and eye catching, these are combos that are destined for "Where did you get that?" questions. We love a large, studded Liquid Pendant as the main element, then a series of elevating gem pieces like the Teardrop Bezel Pendant to add movement and further catch the rays of the sun. Chains can be highly experimented with -- pair with chunky styles like the Basketweave Chain or any of the Rolo Chains for a necklace you can throw on with any other small layers to make quick but real impact. 

5. The Friendship Necklace

We see Friendship Necklaces of all kinds: engraved Horoscope Pendants, matching Bezel sets, twin emoji Liquid Pendants. But, still, nothing can truly beat the charm of the Friendship Half Hearts. Engravable with single initials, the hearts used to come with a purely nostalgic vibe, but now with the introduction of Dark Matter chains, we're seeing these half heart pendants on black chain combinations, giving way to a modern mix and match, his and hers aesthetic. Pictured here are the Curb Chain in Gold and 1mm Ball Chain (Dark Matter) in Matte Black. 

6. Engraving + Extra

Engraved pendants are popular Ready-Made, we engrave every piece in-house so we see every single one that comes by. We love all personalized pieces, but we especially love when build-outs happen around a main engraved element, adding a fun shape or texture. A favorite is the Diamante Signals Bar Pendant --  we feel that it gives any combo that effortless appeal, truly bringing out the meaning of "charm necklace."