Lovette Rosado Shows Us How To Create Worlds


Lovette Rosado Shows Us How To Create Worlds

by Team Ready-Made

Meet Lovette Rosado, a New York-based Creative Director and Digital Content Producer.

This jewelry collector (she has a lot of vintage, too!) knows how to be playfully nuanced, showcasing her personality via her jewels. She’s well versed in the art of layering — and not only in that logistical “pair a 16 inch with an 20 inch and bigger pendants at the bottom” kind of way. Instead, Lovette’s all about creating moods. Here’s a preview: "I loved pairing the Puffy Star Necklace with the Wave Chain and Liquid Circle Dot Pendant. Together they remind me of nature and space."

Read on to see Lovette bring Ready-Made gold pieces out in the concrete jungle, wearing a neutral-toned outfit and with a look in her eye that signals she's all-business. Afterwards, be seamlessly transported into another world as Lovette brings us inside a spacey purple-blue interior to style her Ready-Made silver pieces. What can we say? It’s 100% on theme and you can almost hear the buzz of a spaceship. If we had to choose only one takeaway from this feature it’s to know that you have control of your image. Don’t shy away from commanding an environment you find yourself in with a story and a look (and a couple of jewels or more).

RM: Hi Lovette! Firstly, tell us where you are!

LR: New York City! Specifically The Boogie Down Bronx.


RM: Share with us a little bit about what you do. What are you passionate about?

LR: I am a Creative Director and Digital Content Producer. I love bringing ideas to life. There’s something so incredible about creating something tangible from thought. I enjoy the entire process; developing inspiration, researching, planning the styling/set, and ultimately launching it. I come from an academic background in media research, communications, and writing, which prepared me to develop all the skills I use today, but in a much more creative way!

LR: I loved being behind the scenes after being in front of the camera. Starting a self-portrait series project, modeling, and creative directing allowed me to gain experience and immerse myself in collaboration. It takes a brilliant team to make it all happen!


RM: What’s your love story with jewelry?

LR: My earliest memory of jewelry is seeing my Mom and her mother, my Mama, adorn their hands with rings. My Mom has always had an affinity with vintage jewelry, necklaces, and a variety of other accessories. She always says that accessories make an outfit. No matter what you are wearing, jewelry will always elevate your look. She would always give me a meaningful piece of jewelry whenever an event occurred in my life, large or small. That helped me develop a style for unique jewelry that lends to my personality. Like, dainty, chic gems and anything space themed.  

LR: Jewelry is a way to share a story, reminisce on a life past, or pass it down to build a new memory.


RM: How did you discover Ready-Made? Are there any go-to pieces?

LR: I discovered RM when I saw Sandra Zhang's (@thesandrazhang) post about your petite ring sizes on IG. We met as models in the waiting room of the Make Up For Ever Academy in 2018, and shared Instagram handles. Ever since then, RM has been my go-to for jewelry. 

LR: I wear the Silver Medium Rolo Bracelet daily. I usually have one or more of these pieces on rotation each day: the Basic Object Band, Timetravel Chunky Hoops - Medium, Diamante and Emerald Supernova Rings, Cloned Object Band, and the Cloud Signet Ring with my favorite number 22 engraved on it.


RM: We know you as a predominantly silver girl, but noticed that you've ventured into gold pieces. How are you making gold pieces work for you?

LR: I’m recently growing my gold jewelry collection. I pair gold pieces with a chic minimal style in mind. I like to match my clothes/accessories hardware and wear a neutral color palette, which I think compliments the gold tones so well. Little details like the Lightning Bolt Charm Pendant adds a unique touch. The versatility of RM’s Pendants is great! I used the Teardrop Bezel to create my own charm bracelet. Together you get a subtle thunder/rainstorm theme. I completed the look with a classic pop of red giving it a Vintage/Parisian vibe.


RM: When it comes to silver jewelry, we love how you bring color into the picture! We've noticed that for a lot of wearers, silver tends to be more of a pure hardware/cool kind of aesthetic. Tell us a little bit about how you style silver in your own playful way.

LR: Silver is my go-to! I think it gives me more freedom to play with color. As much as I love neutral tones, I love to wear color too! Especially anything in blue tones. Stacked rings and gemstones are all the rage for me with layered necklaces and complementary pendants. I loved pairing the Puffy Star Necklace with the Wave Chain and Liquid Circle Dot Pendant. Together they remind me of nature and space.


RM: Last question: Any last words of advice for people who are building a jewelry wardrobe?

LR: My advice is to start building your jewelry wardrobe with what you feel most attracted to, such as silver or gold. Then add signature pieces: a chunky ring or necklace that you want to wear all the time. You can then begin stacking rings, adding pendants, and developing a personal style that suits your individuality. You may be a minimalist and enjoy wearing only one main piece at a time. Or you may be a maximalist and layer/stack up your jewelry. The beauty is that you can wake up one day and try something completely new. Never be afraid to go for it! 


🚕⚡️👽 TRIVIA! 👽⚡️🚕

Last song you listened to: My Future - Billie Eilish

Favorite movie: The Fifth Element 

Favorite Genre: Fiction

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, you would be in: Greece

Who you call most often: My Soul-Sister Tara

Favorite restaurant: Italianissimo 

Favorite local shop: Any NYC Thrift Store

Favorite item in your closet: High-Rise Denim Jeans 

Words you live by: Question everything.

All images courtesy of Lovette Rosado.
Follow her at @lovetteinthecity