Ring Stacking Guide For Minimalists


Ring Stacking Guide For Minimalists

by Team Ready-Made

The ring stack. No doubt, an art. It’s not super easy even if others make it seem as such. So even after half a decade being in the jewelry field, we benefit with reminders and tips on how to build a stack that's balanced and effortless. Below is a compilation of what has worked for us these past few years.

001. Diffuse different weights across fingers

Think of ring stacks in terms of your entire hand. When styling rings, we tend to go to our four main fingers (sorry, thumb) but it helps to visualize how rings will spread out across the hand — that includes mid-fingers and finger tips (usually reserved for nail art and nail jewels). Knowing you have these additional areas on each finger means more real estate and opportunity to create harmony. Here, we balance a thicker ring on the middle finger with a set of thin rings on the index. See how this feels a little more natural than, say, the thick ring on the middle and one thin ring on each side? This three-ring combo works fine on its own, but adding a dainty midi floating mid-ring finger is a finishing touch, giving the stack movement and flow. The ring combo now “tapers off” to something softer at the edge of the hand.

Pictured: Twist Ring, Diamante Stardust Ring, Basic Object Band, Chevron Midi Ring

002. Remember the thumb (and pinky)!

The thumb and pinky are often neglected, but these two areas of the hand offer simple strategies to create a unique ring stack. What we especially love about a ring on the thumb is how great the ring looks when your hand is down by your side. Plus, a thumb ring gives an aesthetic flair to when you’re playing with your phone. Usually it’s the first thing ppl will notice, too, just by how uncommon thumb rings are, and that kind of easy command you can take advantage of. 

Then there is the pinky ring. This area of placement offers immediate elegance with how it flows to the wrist bone. Being on the edge of the hand makes a ring on the pinky extraordinarily considered. Another benefit is that since the pinky is the tiniest finger, one single ring is usually enough to make a statement. 


Pictured: LEFT: 4mm Cigar Band, Sapphire Satellite 2.0 Ring, Round Promise Ring; RIGHT: Shooting Star Adjustable Ring, Trio Midi Ring

003. Pair pops of color with white or black (like you would clothes)

Isn’t it minimalist wardrobe mantra to balance a splice of color with neutrals? Apply this mindset to your ring stack as well. Pair sparkling clear/white and grounding black stones next to colorful gems to soften their boldness. Combining like this also makes wearing color feel deliberate -- this sapphire heirloom is a choice, not a force. If you fall back on the colors that make you comfortable -- whites and blacks -- it makes wearing colorful jewels a little less of an existential exercise. We also recommend stacking white or black stones instead of just pure hardware because the extra texture brings balance. Pairing color with just gold, silver, or rose gold actually will draw more attention to your colorful gem. 

Pictured: Constellation Ring, Sapphire Rectangle Bezel Ring, Black Diamante Micro Satellite Ring

004. Synergize a playful ring with a classic counterpart

It is possible to be simple and playful, and the trick is to keep it “contained” with few rings and one really fun one you’re feeling. If you’re used to styling classic pieces, suddenly incorporating a playfully shaped ring may seem daunting. But! If you wear it right next to a classic (a simple band or a neutral colored stone), you then create a duo that’s uniquely yours. The two rings become interdependent when next to each other, which is why we recommend them side by side rather than as solos with a divisive finger in-between.


Pictured: LEFT: Bubble Wrap Ring, Diamante Oval Bezel Ring; RIGHT: Cloud Signet Ring, Diamante Oval Bezel Ring

005. Be deliberate when metal mixing

I did this on purpose. Aim for that sentiment when metal mixing. After all, you’re already there, don’t hold back. Whether being deliberate means stacking a bunch of tiny silver rings with a gold heirloom or combining a statement gold ring with a bold silver band, metal mixing can and should look obvious. Since this is a ring stacking guide for minimalists, we’ll recommend wearing two rings on one hand with a gap between the two. Additionally, having one of the rings be wider than the other will create more harmony (remember the first tip about spreading weights across the hand) and give your stack an effortless appeal.

Pictured: Discarded Object Band, Fluted Band