COVID-19 Update

Fulfillment Schedule:

We are limiting our time at the studio. Currently, orders are shipped out by one individual on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday of every week. Cut off times are Sundays 11:59pm PST (or the day before Monday) and Wednesdays 11:59 pm PST (or the day before Thursday) respectively. As always, all orders are packed on sanitized surfaces with gloved hands by a person in good health. As an extra precaution, all items have been sanitized with a blue UV light.

Shipping Delay Times:

We are still processing orders that ship to the U.S.

Orders shipping within the US via Standard Shipping (USPS First Class Mail) are mostly delivered on time (3-7 business days), but some states may have delays. Very rarely, a package will be marked by USPS as delivered when it is still in transit. Usually, the package shows up within 5 business days. We recommend contacting your local post office if this happens as we are unable to see additional information from our end.

Resend Shipping Service Suspension and Additional UPS Service:

Rarely, some orders shipped by USPS are marked as delivered when they are, in fact, still in transit. Usually, orders incorrectly marked as delivered will show up within five (5) business days. Due to local post office delays caused by COVID-19, we can no longer resend as a courtesy orders that are delayed and mis-marked by USPS. Shipping by USPS is still safe and effective, but we now offer an additional standard delivery option via UPS for $8 (and free for orders over $90). All orders shipped via UPS are eligible for resend if the package meets significant delays after ship-out from our studio.

We are temporarily not accepting International Orders:

Note from the USPS on International Shipments: "Between a shortage of commercial passenger airlines to carry the mail and local authorities and transit/destination postal services shutting down or restricting services, sending international packages with the U.S. Postal Service will almost certainly result in longer transit times than normal."

Thank you for your understanding. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction but need to find balance in the midst of COVID-19 in order to continue operating. We want to give a shoutout to the USPS as they try to stay afloat while experiencing unfounded challenges that involve funding and the health and safety of their employees, drivers, and mail carriers.