A Ready-Made x GAB


Odyssey: ORIGIN is a collaboration with makeup artist Gabrielle Alvarez to launch a series of minimalistic yet otherworldly piercing-free nose bridge cuffs.

Exploration, individuality, and friendship were the starting points for Odyssey:ORIGIN. Gabi was struck by the idea of a piece of face jewelry that was daring yet refined, something that could sit in the middle of the eyes and draw just enough attention and intrigue. With her own experimentation, she handmade the first ever Odyssey piece with soldering wire. Afterwards, Gabi brought the prototype to local friend and collaborator, Ready-Made. The result: genderless nose bridge cuffs that are minimalistic yet new-age, clean yet industrial, strong but malleable, and safe for everyday wear. In line with Ready-Made’s ethos as a jewelry alternative, Odyssey:ORIGIN is designed to be a new jewelry classic. The pieces are subtle, elevated, and exploratory -- to be worn alone or layered, taking any person from day to day or day to night.

About Gabrielle Alvarez

Primarily going by the nickname Gabi, Gabrielle is a professional makeup artist residing in Los Angeles, specializing in editorial and commercial makeup. With almost a decade of experience, her passion for her craft is enduring, and her designed looks go beyond trend to express the true individual underneath.