Our Collections So Far, Part 2


Our Collections So Far, Part 2

by Team Ready-Made

Our Collections So Far, Part 2

As we head into the busiest time of the year, we thought we could uplift ourselves with a refresh on all the new products we came out with in the later half of 2021 and beginning of 2022. Just like what we did for Our Collections So Far, Part 1, we went ahead and made this walk down memory lane a post complete with images and a short blurb on the impetus for each collection. Here it is:

Signet Collection

Maybe it was the Cloud and Heart Shapes, but we kept reverting to this idea of prize rings. We were feeling strangely nostalgic and kept envisioning gumball machines from the 90s and Y2K eras. But, we also wanted to keep the aesthetic elevated (as we always aim to do at Ready-Made), so we settled on high polish and rounded edges and personalization. The Signet Collection was the first ever (and still remains so) face engravable collection, and we wanted to cover all fonts, too: Serif, Cursive, and Gothic. So far, Gothic seems to have the most fans.

Shop Signet Rings here.

Lonely Orbit Collection

With nostalgia, we then became a little lonely. We were a year and a half into the pandemic, and to say the team was operating on solitude is an understatement. Still, this was the first collection where we worked with gemstones (lab made, of course), and the shimmer and glitter gave us hope. By the time we launched, the team was in good spirits again.

Shop the Lonely Orbit Collection here.

Chunky Chain Necklaces

We wanted BIG. Something you could throw over a graphic tee or LBD and call it a day. Jenn sifted through her jewelry box (or cabinet… have you seen it?) and pulled out two vintage chains as inspiration. We wanted something substantial but still everyday. The Wheat and Facet styles are what we ended up with. What makes these better than the vintage versions? They're hypoallergenic, made with 0% gold, and won't tarnish or oxidize. 

Shop and explore here.

Added to our chain offering

We received many messages asking us when we were going to come out with a Figaro chain. We didn’t want to let anyone down, so we made a Figaro chain and in two thicknesses (because we aim to please). The team also discovered that Figaro is pronounced “FIG-uh-ro” and not “fi-GAH-ro” hence the IG caption “Tomorrow. Figaro.” the day before launch. And here we were thinking we were clever. We also launched some new rope chains and a chunkier ball chain, and both turned out to be quite the favorite.

Shop Chain necklaces here.

Lucky Charms Collection

This IG caption says it all: “There once was an alien, lonely and far away on its solitary planet. One day, it had a vision of the future— fuzzy, but clear enough that what was to happen was to happen on Planet Earth. So, the alien teleported via a flash of light to the blue planet. It landed in the outskirts of a city by a forest, and there it ran into a smiling human. The human gave the alien a peace offering: a mushroom. “Eat it,” said the human. So the alien did. Suddenly, the alien had visions: peace, a world that was a better place. Something sparkled by the alien’s feet. It was a beer cap, probably left behind by the human who had gifted the mushroom. The alien picked it up, and thought, “Humans deserve good, beautiful things.” Fast forward, the alien submitted a resume to Ready-Made Jewelry. “I can find the balance between affordable and high quality, so that humans can have more choices when it comes to buying jewelry.” The alien folded its hands nervously. “Sold,” said the founder, Jenn. “I’m having a mushroom omelet for lunch, would you care for some?” “I think I’ll pass, thank you,” replied the alien. Soon, the alien began to implement its knowledge of materials science and high technology, but never did it think that the jewelry industry would be a game of chess— navigating through the darkness and bypassing leaders with entrenched interests while at the same time sharing information that was accurate and valuable to potential customers — and that to offer something new would take so much energy and time. The alien sat in front of its iPad during a brief break, and massaged its fingers, thinking. It then picked up its Apple Pen, and drew a little heart into an open file on Procreate. Still, it was all worth it.”

Explore more pendants here.

Star Fleet Collection

Cue trumpets. The arrival of Star Fleet was exciting. It was the first time we offered pave stones. We wanted these pieces to look high end, which meant the gemstones had to have that gleam and luster that is found in natural emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Nothing with a rainbow refraction. In sync with our commitment to hard science, we opted for lab made gemstones to adorn our new collection. 

Shop Star Fleet here.

Electric Gems Collection

We needed to make a product that could help curb our sugar cravings. And we wanted electrifying colors. We think these images speak for themselves. Making the Electric Gems was no easy feat. First, we had to fight with our bank account to get the highest quality CZ stones (so they last a lifetime without fading or yellowing), and then we had to beg our manufacturing partners to hand set the stones like they would fine jewelry. We’re basically family now, so they couldn’t say no.

Shop and explore more rings here.

Chain Ring

After a few challenging (ahem, pave and stone setting!?) ring styles, we were in the need for something a little less stressful but equally statement making. We had been floating around an idea for a chain ring -- we liked how at the perfect width, it was subtle yet still edgy. The Chain Ring is a favorite, and many admire its comfort and versatility.

Shop more rings here.

Argonauts Collection

Pasta! Seashells! Outerspace! We wanted to make earrings that were super chunky but not exactly hoops. The aesthetic of a seashell seemed especially charming, and we opted for a shape that was more rounded to amplify the quirkiness. Finally, how cool would it be to make these earrings reversible? And thus, Argonuats were born. These are definitely our heaviest earrings, and we're already looking into ways to make the Argonauts more lightweight.

Shop earrings here.

Satellite 2.0 Huggies

The Supernova Huggies from Star Fleet proved a success -- we think our simulated rubies, emeralds, and sapphires played a big role. We decided to offer gemstone earrings again in an even more classic style: a simple half infinity huggie. A plus? Bigger stones.

Shop more huggies here.

Tiny Skull and Star Necklaces

We always felt a little bad for our popular Lonely Puffy Heart Necklace. Sure, it had launched with the Lonely Orbit Collection, but it was the only necklace that featured a three-dimensional bead. We thought we'd try with *miniature* molds again (not the easiest process considering that 316L steel doesn't melt and flow as easily as gold or brass). Finally, we gave the Puffy Heart a tiny star and a cool skull friend. Sugar and spice, y’know?

Shop dainty necklaces here.


We wanted something drippy that was simple enough for daytime wear but transformable into something glam for the evening. Having had manufacturing success with the Electric Gems cocktail rings, we stayed with the four prong setting. As always, we used the highest quality CZ stones (5A) and made sure that the gems fit our Mini Infinity Hoops and Satellite 2.0 Huggies. 
Build your own earring stack here.

And with the Gemmies, we were in April 2021. The later months moved at supersonic speeds with just as many launches (how is that possible?). We need some time to wrap our heads around this. We'll save that chaos for later; stay tuned for Part 3.