Trick or Treat?


Trick or Treat?

by Team Ready-Made

The other day, we had a thought. Annually, we forego Halloween because it’s so close to the holiday season and we’re busy prepping for that chaos. But there are certain aspects of Halloween that feel similar with what we’re doing at Ready-Made. First, obviously, there’s the candy. Who here hasn’t called their jewels candy? Jewelry, especially anything set with stones, is colorfully delicious. Then there are the costumes. The whole idea of disguises, being something other. And these two things lead to trick or treating.

Trick or treating, you likely already know, is this: you go up to someone’s house and you take a “treat” – usually candy. Because if there is no treat, then the homeowners get a “trick” – some form of mischief, some harmless vex. Maybe a riddle they need to solve, cause if not, they die.

Just kidding.

And we were like, oh my god, we’re both a trick and a treat.

The Ready-Made TRICK:

- We look like gold yet use 0% gold.
- We carefully select our lab-made stones and use 5A quality cubic zirconia in order to best replicate the real stuff. We do what we can do look less obviously “pretend.”
- We make jewelry using non-jewelry methods. We take applications from the aerospace and industrial manufacturing fields and use biocompatible ceramics to get our “gold.”
- Also, taking technology from mission critical fields to make jewelry that needs to look dainty and refined is “tricky” – pun intended.

The Ready-Made TREAT:

- Even though we’re not fine jewelry, we still tout the same skin comfort and safety benefits. And even better, people who are allergic to gold can wear our pieces.
- We aim to be affordable. No kid wants their Jack o’ Lantern baskets to be empty because, simply, the idea of a lot of candy is so fun. There’s variety, there’s something for every mood. You can bribe people. Just kidding. And we feel that jewelry, especially anything marketed as “designed to be layered” should be accessible in this way (no $70 average chain prices here, TRICK OR TREAT!?)
- Since we use no mined materials, there’s never the question of negative environmental and ethical impacts. We talk some more about the concept of eco and recycled gold here, and why we just decided to not use gold at all. Loving the earth and the people on it -- that’s the treatiest of treats.

Happy Halloween!