Our Collections So Far


Our Collections So Far

by Team Ready-Made

We've come a long way since launching our brand in 2018. Starting from statement pieces in our opening 90's inspired collection, to minimal jewelry basics, we've stayed true to offering sustainable jewelry alternatives that look and feel fine. Below we've summed up all of our collections so far, so you can browse and take a glance at the significance of each collection in our journey. (Bonus: scroll down to the very end to see a list of products we have planned).

Ode to the 90s 

Inspired by the popular tokens of the 90s, the Ode To The 90s collection was the very first launch. Nostalgic objects such as bubble wands, stickers, and dollfriends are transformed into charms, creating meaningful and unique pieces. With the introduction of Star Steel and high-tech ceramic coating, the collection combines the elements of strength (from our strong industrial materials) with feminine, playful, and delicate designs. Additionally, the collection features sustainable Swarovski pearl necklaces, in the styles Not Your Mother's Pearl Necklace and Pearlette Star Choker further prefacing the use of unique and nontraditional materials. 

Shop the Ode to the 90s collection here

Jelly Rings

A limited collection of statement rings that are playfully designed to resemble a popular childhood relic. Immortalized by Ready-Made Star Steel and super strong ceramic coating, the Jelly Ring features the original design of blunt lines and chunky facets, in six distinctive styles: Heart, Emerald, Oval, Solitaire, Diamond, and Flower. 

Shop the Jelly Rings here.

Elevated Essentials

Ready-Made's first permanent collection, intended for all day, and everyday wear. This is conveyed not only in the longevity of materials but also in design. This collection emphasizes classic, must-have pieces for any jewelry wardrobe in the form of rings, chains, and pendants. With ring options comprised of both statement and minimal shapes, every style features Ready-Made's signature high-polished sheen and rounded edges. Additionally, the Elevated Essentials collection introduced the Build-Your-Own Necklace feature that allows individuals to mix and match between seven different chain styles (in multiple lengths) and classic pendant shapes such as Rectangle, Oval, Bar, and Circle. 

Shop the Elevated Essentials collection here.

Parallel Universe 

Parallel Universe presents a suite of interstellar objects - they are not what they seem. This collection of minimal hoops, pendants, and rings are a continuation of jewelry classics in Ready-Made's permanent collection, and further draws on Ready-Made's nontraditional materials and methods that emphasize affordability and biocompatibility. The collection debuted Ready-Made's hoop earring offering, in various shapes and styles, all made with sensitive skin in mind. These recognizable jewelry classics become objects of a higher dimension because of their unique material and process. 

Shop the Parallel Universe collection here.

Celestial Horoscopes 

Further personalizing the Ready-Made jewelry experience, the Celestial Horoscopes collection features all twelve Zodiac signs. Each zodiac is etched into a classic Ready-Made Mini Circle Pendant that is reversible and engraveable on the high-polished backside. 

Discover your personal Zodiac sign pendant here

Herringbone Chain


Customers wanted a slinky Herringbone style, and months later, one was born. Ready-Made recreates the classic Herringbone chain with superior and affordable materials that are skin-safe and tarnish-free. Coated with super-strong ceramic only naturally found on the surface of asteroids, the Herringbone chain is liquid metal at an affordable price point (and eco-friendly, too #ZeroGold #ZeroMined).

Shop the Herringbone Chain here.

Infinity + Beyond 

The Infinity + Beyond expands on the Ready-Made permanent collection, offering the first seamless hoop. Continuing the use of unconventional materials and plating processes, the Infinity Hoops come in two different styles, Mini Infinity Hoop and Chunky Infinity Hoop. As the most versatile hoop yet, the Infinity Hoops hint at an infinite amount of styling possibilities with addable charms (coming soon!) or stacking for multiple piercings. 

Shop the Infinity + Beyond Collection here. (Restocking early May)

Discarded Object Band (Test Drop)

The first limited-edition Ready-Made test drop only available in limited quantities and sizes. The Discarded Object Band was created in the beginning stages as a prototype and was brought to life as an experiment. Drawing inspiration from the nuts and bolts of space debris floating in oblivion, the band features a negative space design throughout the ring creating a unique stack. 

Human Things Collection

Alphabet Pendants 

As the first drop in the Human Things Collection, the Alphabet Pendants begin the many human-inspired objects transformed into wearable charms. Further adding to the customizable experience of Ready-Made necklaces, the Alphabet Pendants include all 26 letters in the modern English alphabet and can be worn alone or stacked to communicate words. 

Shop the Alphabet Pendants here

What's next? (This is what we're estimating)
A suite of signet rings
A bezel collection
Figaro collection

CHUNKY statement necklaces
Rope Chain Collection
Princess Cut and Brilliant Cut Rings
Pave Infinity Hoops
Playful necklace charms
New Pearl Chokers

HUGE candy engagement rings
Men's Collection