World of nifah


World of nifah

by Team Ready-Made

Otherworldy. Celestial. Poetic. These are the adjectives that came to mind when we first met nifah in early 2021. While the meeting was online, with an ocean between us, if anything, our effortless enthrallment speaks to nifah's power to inspire and tell a story -- even a world away. In our latest Interview on Mothership, nifah art directs a series of self portraits featuring pieces from Ready-Made. The result: images that are ethereal and magical, a visionary model+content creator's interpretation of jewelry that is transcendental and cosmic. Truly, this collection of images strikes a mood.

Below, we interview nifah on her work, inspiration, and style, and include a fun little Trivia section. We've noticed that it's these small quick questions and answers that delve deeper -- and we found ourselves listening to Rainfall by Dayo Bello (nifah features in the music video!), dreaming of eating mangoes and sugarcane, too.

Firstly, tell us where you are!
I’m in London :)

Tell us a bit about what you do. 
I’m a fashion model and content creator. An aspiring entrepreneur who works as a Sales Executive to pay the big bills.

What inspires you — both in life and in work?
All things I consider beautiful; people, food, sounds, a feeling, a memory— anything that brings me joy but also things that make me uncomfortable. I can exaggerate a 5 second movie scene or a feeling I had that one time in the summer of my teens and I would want to personify it visually. But mostly other people inspire me to do and think better. 

How do you build and capture an aesthetic?
I just go with the flow, all depends on how I feel or who I want to be that day. Pure escapism.

How does jewelry factor into your wardrobe/style? 
I got my ears pierced when I was a couple of months old, I’ve been wearing jewellery before I could talk— it’s very much a part of me. I genuinely feel naked without jewellery, I need something— even if it’s just studs. I think deep down I’m also a maximalist at heart, so jewellery is a nice way to add more layers. It’s another opportunity for self expression, it completes some of the best outfits. 

Favorite Ready-Made pieces? 
I absolutely love my Chunky Infinity Hoops, I’m always raving about the clip mechanism. My Heart Signet Ring (in gold) is another go to and because real hot girls mix metals, I love to pair it with my silver Basic Object Band. I also love my Large Link Chain which I'm almost always wearing with my H Pendant


Favorite era: 2000s! 

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? Ashley Spinelli

Favorite item in your closet: My Doc Jadon boots.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Mum’s house in Uganda eating fresh mangoes and sugarcane. 

Movies you’ll never tire of: La vita è bella

What song have you been listening to on repeat? Rainfall by Dayo Bello 

Who do you call the most? My girlfriend

What’s your ideal “me” time? Doing nothing 

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