Gumball Mania -- A Peek At Your Orders


Gumball Mania -- A Peek At Your Orders

by Team Ready-Made

Our gumballs. Now a tradition. If you know, thank you for participating. And if you don't, here's the story. Since 2021, we've been getting excited over a specific Cyber Monday event involving a unique prize: a nostalgic plastic gumball filled with a real piece of Ready-Made Jewelry. Not something lesser, not something the least expensive, but something complete and off the inventory shelves. The idea came to fruition, admittedly, from the mundaneness of Black Friday Cyber Monday. Not to say it isn't hectic and busy during the most chaotic week of the year for ecommerce and retail, but as every brand probably knows, this time of the year also means coming up with a million versions of the word "Sale!" Yes, we're merchants, but we were kind of tired of it all.

In our office, we had a gumball machine. Why, we weren't sure. We couldn't really use it; we weren't a brick and mortar store front, plus it required a quarter and... where do you find those? But we always liked concepts around games and nostalgia and randomness and winning! and so our gumball machine was just there, as a reminder. When the time came to come up with a better iteration of BFCM, we looked at the gumball machine and it looked back at us and we (the people at Ready-Made) devised a plan to digitalize the randomness and anticipation of waiting for the ball to roll and then clunk into the metal mouth with something hopefully amazing.

So, any order $35 and above, between 11/27 and 11/29 11:59pm PST of this year, gets a surprise gumball prize. These gumballs are NOT like, bubblegum or fuzzy stickers or alien-looking animal keychains and whatnot, so think of the $35 as the Ready-Made "quarter." Cause the prizes are good. And if you don't believe us, scroll down to see some of the best prizes being added to orders this week. We named them, too. 

001. "LOVE, READY-MADE"Featuring an Alien Charm and Heart Pronged Pendant on a Basketweave Chain.

002. "ERAS"From stadium to stadium. Lavendar Haze Cocktail Ring, Baguette Ring, and Asteroid Belt Ring. 

003. "EARRING CONSTELLATION"A line of starry studs: 3mm Lonely Lilac Stud, Heart Sticker Stud - Zygote Back, 2mm Topaz Stud, Star Threaded Flatback Stud, Moon Sticker Stud - Ballback.

Can't-go-wrong initial bracelet and vintage inspired five stone band: Oval Link Bracelet, Pave Alphabet Pendant, and Constellation Ring. 

A self-love ring stack featuring a classic Solitaire Promise Ring, a Diamante Micro Satellite Ring, and a Fluted Band. 

006. "MISFITS"
All these hold up on their own, but there's something particularly cool about them  stacked together. Bezel Heart Pendant, Diamante UFO Pendant, Black Mini Rectangle Dot Pendant, and Thick Rolo Chain.  

Drops of glittering pink, on larger hoops for move movement and dazzle. The Pink Gemmies and a pair of 2.0 Infinity Hoops in 20mm.