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How to Style Silver with Stylist Nicole Omuteku


How to Style Silver with Stylist Nicole Omuteku

by Team Ready-Made

Introducing our collaboration series on MOTHERSHIP where we highlight our favorite people to showcase their talent and expertise. To launch this series, we collaborated with stylist Nicole Omuteku (@nicoleomuteku; on how to style Ready-Made Star Steel, our nontraditional and hypoallergenic base metal that gives our silver pieces a bluish tint and otherworldly appearance.
Nicole's worked with brands such as Delta, Spanx, and M.M.LaFleur, and you can also find her working as a personal stylist to help women feel their best selves. Naturally, she knows a thing or two about rocking and styling silver jewelry, so we interviewed her to get to know her and of course, pull some styling tricks straight from an expert. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your career so far. What made you decide that you wanted to get into styling?
I’m a wardrobe stylist of 7 years. I grew up following the journeys of celebrity stylists like Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe and June Ambrose. I interned everywhere under the sun trying to absorb all I could. In the beginning I leaned more toward the editorial side of things which heavily inspires my current aesthetic. About 5 years ago I began personal styling as well and loved it. It’s a different kind of creative outlet and I love that about what I do. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than helping women feel their best selves. 

To you, what’s the role that jewelry plays in an outfit? 
Jewelry and accessories are a huge part of the outfit formula because style is really all in the little details. Your choice in jewels, whether you’re minimalist or maximalist, helps to express your individuality. I love the ability to really elevate everyday pieces with the right jewels. Layered necklaces and stacked rings are my go-to for jewelry styling.

What’s some advice you’d give people who want to try silver but are used to classic gold tones?
I’m a huge advocate for mixing metals. So if you’re wanting to start incorporating silver, I would start by stacking silver and gold rings or layering a silver and gold necklace so it’s intentional. Intentionality is key when mixing metals. I think the Ready-Made Unidentified Object rings stacked in silver and gold is a great example of this.  

Show us how you’d style silver jewelry!
I styled the Large Link Chain necklace with the “N” Alphabet Charm also as a bracelet with the Mini Rectangle Pendant. I am also wearing the Basic Object, Cloned Object, and Unidentified Object rings, and the Infinity Hoops in Mini and Chunky.

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