Meet DeeDee, skating aficionado


Meet DeeDee, skating aficionado

by Team Ready-Made

"My favorite thing about skating, in any form, is that it feels like flying to me. It’s a bit of adrenaline and freedom I can’t find elsewhere."

DeeDee B. Do is many things. Cat mom. 90's kid. Sailor Moon lover. But, in the three years we've gotten to know DeeDee, perhaps most alluring is how poised she's been in taking back skating, a childhood love, and making it so stylishly her own. Not to mention the growth of her skating account, @ddbdosk8s. Below, we talk to DeeDee about how she started it all, the pleasant surprises that come with simply staying true and having fun, and her favorite Ready-Made pieces (after all, we've been working with her since the inception of Ready-Made -- yes, the Ode to the 90s collection, which DeeDee perfectly encapsulates). Don't miss the TRIVIA section at the end!

First and foremost, tell us where you are! I’m based in Southern California! I spend my time in LA and OC.

Can you share with us a little bit about what you do?
 I currently work in digital/social media marketing, and I spend my free time skating on quad skates and on ice!

How did you get into skating (ice and/or rink)? I don’t remember this, but my mom said she took me to a birthday party at a skating rink when I was younger. She said I loved it so much, she started me in some lessons and eventually I was skating competitively. I did ice skating from the ages of 4-12, and hadn’t skated for 14 years before I started again in 2019. Once the pandemic hit in 2020, I couldn’t get on the ice, so I bought a pair of quad skates. Unlike ice skating, you can roll around on a pair of wheels almost anywhere, which made it easy to get into.

We’ve been following @ddbdosk8s since its inception! Why did you start @ddbdosk8s, and how has that journey been like for you? Any surprises or big milestones? I was originally posting all my skating content, both ice and roller, on my personal Instagram, but I felt better about having a separate Instagram where I could track all my progress in one place. It’s been fun so far! I have a list of tricks I want to learn, and getting them down is always a big milestone for me. As far as surprises go, I’m most surprised at how much the account has grown since I started it! I had no intention for it to grow to the platform it is now, but it’s connected me to so many amazing people I might not have otherwise met. I’m grateful.

We want some insights! What’s your favorite thing about skating? What’s your least favorite thing? My favorite thing about skating, in any form, is that it feels like flying to me. It’s a bit of adrenaline and freedom I can’t find elsewhere. If I’m too in my head, or I’m having a bad day, skating gives me an outlet. Unfortunately, we’re not really made to fly, so in turn, my least favorite thing has to be falling. I know it’s inevitable though — if you’re not falling, you’re not learning!

Do we dare ask… blades or wheels? The ice will always be my first love, but roller skating definitely has my heart right now!

And finally, favorite Ready-Made piece(s)? SO MANY! But my everyday go-to pieces lately are the gold star stud zygote and the Saturn Thin Ring stacked with the Asteroid Belt Ring (both gold).


Favorite era:

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? It’s easy to say DeeDee from Dexter’s Laboratory, because I was 100% a ballerina annoying my brother (not named Dexter unfortunately), but I’m definitely more Sailor Moon!

Favorite item in your closet: my shoes 😅

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? Traveling around Asia — Korea, Japan, and Vietnam mostly

Movies you’ll never tire of: all the Studio Ghibli movies

What song have you been listening to on repeat? Lately it’s Sunday Morning by Hamzaa and Double Take by dhruv.

Who do you call the most? My mom ❤️

What’s your ideal “me” time? Honestly, a day of skating, or a day of doing nothing. There’s no in between!