Breaking Down Hypoallergenic Jewelry


Breaking Down Hypoallergenic Jewelry

by Team Ready-Made

Breaking Down Hypoallergenic Jewelry  

With all the industry buzzwords for what is and isn't safe for skin, we understand the term hypoallergenic can be confusing, especially when it's already overwhelming to find affordable jewelry that doesn't harm you. So, we're breaking it down for you and sharing our customer responses to show you what a safe jewelry experience truly looks like.

What is hypoallergenic jewelry?

Simply put, hypoallergenic is a term for jewelry that is less likely to cause allergic reactions. It contains little to no potentially irritating alloys, and will never corrode, tarnish, or rust over time. Although everyone has different metal sensitivities, Nickel is the common culprit for most metal allergies. 

"Nickel-free" and "hypoallergenic" are not synonymous. It's important to note that some metals described as hypoallergenic may contain some amount of nickel that ranges in smaller percentages making it less likely to cause a reaction depending on your metal sensitivity. 

Not sure if you need hypoallergenic jewelry?

Watch out for symptoms such as itching, discomfort, or abnormalities on your skin's surface like changes in skin color (green skin), dry patches, eczema, redness, and rashes or bumps. 

Also consider:

  • Hot and humid environments, sweat, and topical skin products are more likely to increase the chances of a reaction. 
  • Nickel allergies may develop and appear over time.
  • Gold and rose gold plated pieces can be claimed as hypoallergenic but may trigger reactions after plating rubs or chips off from wear. 

Is Ready-Made jewelry hypoallergenic?

Ready-Made is skin safe and hypoallergenic (our gold and rose gold pieces are coated in a medical-grade ceramic). Our base metal, Star Steel is derived from the 316L stainless steel family which is extensively used in the medical field for surgical tools. Star Steel incorporates a small amount of nickel (5%), in a way that causes no skin reactions or harm (determined by how the nickel "leeches"). It's very rare (less than 0.1%) for a person to still have skin reactions to our pieces.


Your experiences with our hypoallergenic jewelry

"I have been wearing these earrings 24/7 since I bought them two weeks ago while exercising, showering, and even while sleeping! The ball backings are great because you can lie down without getting poked behind your ears. I have sensitivities to certain metals, but I can tell these earrings are made out of high quality materials because I have not had any irritation or discomfort. I love that they are sold individually so you can mix and match whichever style you want."

-- Jane N.

 "I have been wearing the these studs for a few weeks now and have been completely satisfied.

"Earrings are so comfortable that I forget that I am wearing them.

"They do not bother my eczema at all, and at this price point, for those with any skin sensitivities, it is well-worth it to try them out.

"I have been wearing them constantly, and aside from a small wipe down here and there, the rose gold color has remained perfect."

-- E 

"I LOVE THIS RING! It has been wearing really well, and does not turn my finger green! I’m glad I got silver, because I don’t have to be as careful with it (e.g. if I accidentally leave my rings on in the shower). It came in the cutest packaging and the shipping was super fast! 11/10 would recommend" 

-- Anabelle H.

"I have super sensitive ears and these have not hurt my ears at all! I am a fan" 

-- Sienna M.