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I got this for my upper cartilage piercing- I like a tiny hoop and most flat backs are too big and spin around. This is perfectly sized, doesn't irritate me when sleeping or anything.

Oval Link Chain
David Candelario
I keep coming back

Nice material, dope packaging, fast shipping. Can’t be a hater

the color is spot on with my other gold jewelry and the quality is great :) so far so good!!

Fluted Band
Katie Corrado
Buy. This. Band.

I have it in two sizes. It is perfect. One of my favorite rings!

Cloud Signet Ring
Maria Behringer
The best rings

I’m a barista and having cute jewelry is hard with how much water is around the job. All my other rings turned my fingers green. These nontarnish rings are the real deal and I wear them all of the time. I can’t wait to order more!

Infinity Mini Petal Hoops (Pair)
Caroline Hudson-Naef
I love these!!!

I've been wearing these earrings for several weeks now and I LOVE them. They're so comfy to wear - I've actually accidentally slept in them a couple times, which I never would be able to do with regular post earrings. The style feels so sleek and different to me too - I can't wait to get some gemmies to wear with them!


it's so cute and a nice solid ring. it's awesome to have it engraved so quickly.

Excellent quality and price; sensitive ears friendly!

As someone with super sensitive ears to metal, I’ve never been able to buy normal earrings until now. These are the first I’ve bought that didn’t bother my ears! Great price and great quality.

Time Keeper Threader Earrings (Pair)

Dainty and cute

It's true to size and I love everything about it <3

Amazing sparkly ring

This ring is delicate, sparkly and beautiful. I'm stacking it with my wedding band and it's just the perfect combo. Customer service is out of this world! 10 stars for that!

No more pain!

I can finally wear earrings without any pain. Even day after day. And the earrings are beautiful! And affordable! I really couldn’t ask for more.

Love 'em!

I like everything about these hoops from the size to the snap closure. They are cute and simple for casual days. I can sleep in them if I want to, and have with no discomfort whatsoever. I have all three colors, as has become my norm with ReadyMade.

In love with this necklace ❤️

Silver orbit ring

Love! Minimalist and elegant!


So pretty and I don’t feel them at all. This is huge as many earrings irritate my skin!


I have not been this excited to receive a package in a while and I was not let down. These are unique and adorable and I hope they last me a long time! the branding and materials that came with the jewelry were almost just as good as the earrings themselves- I loved the little stickers!


I finally got them but it was only one I’m missing the other one

Basic Object Band
Crystal Humphrey
Love all of this jewelry

It is a great product. Love it.

Cloud Signet Ring
Tawny Bolinas

Cloud Signet Ring

2mm Ball Link Chain
Sandra Walsh
Great Chain

I got an extra long chain for my pendant but it turned out to be the right length for me. I guess that as we get older, our neck grows along with the rest of us and we can't wear the 16" chains anymore.

Love this

I love it! It feels heavy, like an expensive piece. I put a charm with my initial on it and I haven’t taken it off all week. Super worth it!

Infinity Mini Petal Hoops (Pair)
Barbara von Eppinger
Marvelous Earrings!

I've purchased many items from Ready-Made, both for myself and for gifts. I chose these earrings for myself to wear for many days at a time without removing them. I'm retired now and don't want to change earrings every day yet want something that's stylish, shows a nice amount of gold and that would be completely comfortable to sleep in. This style has been PERFECT for those needs! I don't feel them at all as I sleep (and I'm a side-sleeper), they look like real gold and I never worry about them coming off accidently. As an added benefit, I make little gemstone earring charms and these earrings look great when I add charms dangle from them. Another happy purchase from Ready-Made!

Paracord Chain Bracelet