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Really cute, I wear it as a stackable with the Saturn ring and my diamond band ring. Looks so put together.

I love them!!!

They are the perfect size and so easy for everyday wear 🤩 I only take them off to shower, so comfy to sleep in too! Can barely even tell they’re on when I’m wearing them 😂

Basic Object Band
Angela Bottrell
Simple and comfortable

I bought this ring to wear as a companion to other rings I already own. The simplicity is exactly what I was looking for, and it's very comfortable as either a middle finger ring or a thumb ring. Am considering buying one or two of the wider band rings.

Basic Object Band
Emma Sadowski

Basic Object Band

Even cuter in person!

I love these earrings so much. They're fun and special, and also sophisticated. Very sturdy and also lightweight. They're super comfortable to wear and give a really nice shine. Amazing!


I got it in yellow gold and it looks perfect. The color looks the same as most 14k gold. Lighter than you'd expect.

Basic Object Band
Alia Canini

I love this jewelry and wish it was more readily availible. I have waited my entire life to find costume jewelry I am not alergic too! I hope this can be the new standard for costume jewelry manufacturers.

Lovely Ruby

Love this ring! The ruby is so bright and pretty, and it's a cute little shine of color. It stacks nicely with the other lonely orbit rings and other rings as well!

They’re Super Cute

They’re really nice, and solid… a little heavy, actually. But I like everything I’ve gotten thus far, thank you.

Staple piece

This is such a beautiful piece to wear, the light hits it so nicely and it makes for a gorgeous single necklace, but even better paired with something on a long chain!

Diamante Satellite 2.0 Ring

Prettier than photos

Wonderful everyday earrings.

Very happy with this purchase. I'll definitely be ordering more rings

Love it!!

I got yellow gold color. I’ve been wanting a real gold herringbone chain for years, but can’t yet justify spending the money on one. For the price of this chain, you really can’t beat it! I haven’t had it for very long, so I can’t attest to it staying gold. (I hope it does) but it looks great. I don’t think anyone would realize this isn’t real gold. I have real 14k gold hoops that I wear every day, and you can’t notice a difference between the two materials.
I got the 16” chain first but it looked more like a choker on me, which wasn’t what I was going for. The exchange process was super easy and I got the 18” which is perfect!

I highly recommend this jewelry if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to yellow gold or gold plated. I wish I could upload a picture with a my review so I could show how good it actually looks!

Love it. Perfect thickness, where it’s not too dainty but not too bold either, so it still works when I dress down (which is most of the time, let’s be real). Got it in the 14” length and wear it as a choker. Literally just got it so can’t speak for how it holds up over time but my fingers are crossed!!

5mm Gold Cuban Chain

Very well made. Looks great layered with other chains, including silver. Highly recommend!


I bought one for my husband. Son #2 saw it and asked for one too. If buying for son #2, why not also buy for son #1 and surprise him when visiting him in Chicago with Grandparents on tow.

Never occurred to me that GRANDDAD would be jealous!?!?!

So, son #1 reluctantly handed over his gift and made me order a replacement one for him ON.THE.SPOT.

So, now all FOUR of my men proudly wear their cigar bands! BTW, hubs & father-in-law went to a cigar bar on this trip guessed it THEIR cigar bands and the owner of the shop asked them about their rings! 😂😂😂😂

Bling bling bling !

We love to bring some bling to the wrist

A shiny statement that looks great

Good for sensitive skin!

First earrings I’ve ever had that I can wear for more than a few hours. I’ve wore them for over a week now in the shower to sleep and everything else with no problems!

Marquis Studs (Pair)
Allison Matye

These are the perfect dainty earrings for my 2nd lobe piercings. So cute!

Liquid Bar Pendant
Teresa Jezisek
BAR Pendant

Great little item to hang on my necklace. I had a secret inscribed on it, and only I will know. It is a bit small to read, so it is TRUELY a secret! LOVE IT!

Charm Pendant (Single)
maggie haslam

Charm Pendant (Single)