How to wear our Titanium Threaded Studs

Tip 1: You can use another earring to guide the post through your piercing. Put on an earring that fits (from the front), then cap the titanium hollow post over the post of that earring that's already in your ear, then use the front earring to guide and gently pull the titanium post through your lobe from back to front.

Tip 1: The stud head is dainty, so sandwich the sides between two fingers and make sure the post is upright and pointing forward and not to the side. This ensures that the stud will go into the hollow post and not be too slanted to fall out.

Tip 3: The trick for thread alignment is to stick the stud into the hollow post and gently wiggle first until it catches, you'll know when the threads are aligned because suddenly the stud will be straight without much effort. Then twist from there until the stud head is secure. This method is easier than going straight for twisting as soon as the stud is inside the hollow post because sometimes the threads aren't lined up yet.