FAQ (Old)

What materials do you use? Are they hypoallergenic?

We use 316L marine grade stainless steel and titanium nitride - metals relied on extensively in infrastructure and the medical field. All of our jewelry is 100% hypoallergenic. For more information on our materials, please visit our Materials Page.

What size should I buy?
Standard ring

All of our rings are designed with a standard band unless otherwise noted. A standard band fits your finger true to size.

Comfort band

Some of our rings are designed with a comfort band. Go down 1/2 from your regular size for all comfort bands.

What chains should I buy if I want maximum strength?
Chain Hardness and Tensile Strength

Our chains are strong and have superior breaking points when compared to chains of standard materials like brass and gold.

We applied a strength test to compare our chains and to offer more information to those who may seek a mighty durable piece of jewelry.


Box, Rope, and Curb chains won’t break until you play tug of war. However, a sudden very quick and strong pull may cause it to come apart.

Cable Link, Oval Link, Med Rolo, and Thick Rolo are hard to snap, and pulling on it with a lot of strength and for a prolonged period of time may cause your hands to really hurt.

Why do you offer two types of packaging?

All our jewelry is packed in our No-Excess Packaging, the most concise, no-waste option. It consists of either recyclable cellulose envelopes or perfectly-sized reusable bags in which the jewelry is nestled, accompanied with branded assets and postcards printed on recycled paper. We’re able to ship all these items in flat, padded, recyclable mailers.

We offer an upgrade option of a Ready-Made designed, lilac gift box for $7 each. The gift box is hand crafted, stamped with silver foil stamp, and presented with a built-in grosgrain ribbon. The gift boxes have to be shipped in boxes padded with recycled basket fill.

Both types of packaging are customizable with provided Ready-Made stickers and pen.