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Product Care

Our line of pragmatic jewelry.


Every piece of Ready-Made jewelry is carefully crafted from 316L marine grade stainless steel, and our rose gold and gold pieces are plated with a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly vacuum process using titanium nitride, resulting in super durable, fade-free, and always hypoallergenic fine jewelry pieces that you can wear, layer, and love day after day.


Unlike mined gems, man-made gems such as Swarovski pearls are resistant to sweat, body heat, and perfume on skin. Nonetheless, avoid overexposure to water, especially water with chemicals (like chlorine and the ocean).

clean jewelry, wipe gently with a soft cloth or wash with soapy water. Rinse and dry completely. Although our delicate jewelry is pragmatically designed and uncharacteristically strong, we still recommend refraining from slamming our jewelry against hard surfaces. While our materials are (literally) as strong as steel and titanium, our chain and pendant links are composed of individual attachments that can break open upon severe, blunt impact. Basically, surfaces won’t dent, but, in extreme circumstances, chains can come apart.


In the off-chance that your Ready-Made jewelry needs a touch-up, our warranty offers repairs and replacements. To register your Ready-Made jewelry, please visit