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We're nothing like you've seen before...

We're here to create a new category of jewelry and more choices.

Who We Are

#InvadeOurSpace, we welcome it with open arms.

We’re not just a #CloseEncounter jewelry brand with no markups or no middlemen, we offer all of that but more. We never deal with soft metals or grams of gold or all the confusing microns and layers that come with gold plating, because by relying on strong, nontraditional materials that are lasting, we’re an entirely different category of jewelry all together. With a fine jewelry look and feel, high quality endurance, and fashion jewelry price points, we’re a jewelry brand creating a new space in the industry.

#IWantToBelieve in jewelry that endures the harshness of the everyday.

Jewelry should last. Whether you pay $19, or $190, or $1900, you should wear your jewelry with pride, safety, and security. We were sick and tired of buying any kind of jewelry that either broke, faded, or tarnished easily (sometimes all), so we decided to venture out and create jewelry that falls under what we think is our definition of “high quality:” strong, durable, tarnish-free, hypoallergenic, beautifully designed, with all the pragmatism of having to not worry about washing hands or showering with it on.

How can "affordable" do all of the above?

We use metals not typically used in jewelry making, such as marine grade steel and titanium nitride - used extensively in the medical field and in engineering - and have teamed up with trusted factories so that we can produce jewels that last and can be offered at the prices we think are fair and more universal.

We’re a brand called #Ready-Made

Everyone deserves a great brand experience. That’s why we’ll never forgo our explicit attention to detail and love of beautiful, sometimes playful branding. Don’t buy jewelry, shop for it. So expect a great experience every step of the way.

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