004: We’re Out Of This World, But We Love Earth


by Team Ready-Made

004: We’re Out Of This World, But We Love Earth
(Our Sustainability Mission)

The materials we choose to work with and the processes we adopt all have the health of Planet Earth in mind. Our vision is for the future, and we start with what we can do right now.

Beyond using a base metal that is the most recycled metal on the planet, our coating process happens entirely inside a sealed vacuum, meaning no vapor is released into the air to harm the Earth or the people making our jewelry. Our technology is a dry process that leaves behind no residues to wipe down or clean off.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, and 90% of our packaging is made from recycled paper or plant cellulose. The glue that holds any of of our packaging together is made from a tree gum and is 100% natural and compostable.

Ready-Made is exclusively online. E-commerce companies have shown to reduce energy by 30% than traditional retail. By taking advantage of the digital space, we not only foster communities and build dialogue with far reach in the absence of physical barriers, but we also minimize the amount of negative impact we leave on Earth.